Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Away from repression, the wild geese did fly,
Determined expression etched in ev’ry eye.
They sailed from old Ireland to France and to Spain,
Never to see their cruel homeland again.

And then ‘twas the famine drove millions away.
The peasants left, damnin’ the fields of decay
They sailed from old Ireland across the wide main,
Never to see their sad homeland again.

To earn half a living, the migrant set sail,
A land unforgiving set him on the trail.
They sailed from old Ireland to England’s great gain,
Never to see their poor homeland again.

And now ‘tis the weather, the sign of the times.
We’re leaving together for sunnier climes.
We’re flying from old Ireland, away from the rain,
Never to see our cold homeland again.

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