Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lying abed, contemplating a storm


The gale whipped down from stormy skies.
Our flimsy windows rattled.
Trapped in bed, I closed my eyes
As man and nature battled.
Why can’t we work in harmony,
I desperately pondered?
My mind full of the energy
Out there, just being squandered.


The howling wind then reached it’s peak,
It seemed though war had started.
In empathy, I raised one cheek
And eloquently farted.


The theatre roofing took the brunt,
The slates ripped up and blown away.
The stage was drenched: the signs out front
Advised the public – rain stopped play.


Oh God bless the folk in the Doldrums,
Lying back in their hammocks at ease.
They all should come over to Ireland,
Its clear that they haven’t a breeze.

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