Monday, March 23, 2009

Modern Man

For thine is the kingdom,
The power and the glory.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Flash of Orange

It's finally here!

100 pages of side-splitting (author's own word) verse (and a few seriouser poems too) all collected under the title "A Flash of Orange." The title poem was written to disprove the theory that nothing rhymes with 'orange.'
From lamenting the demise of greengage jam to solving the age-old conundrum of the chicken and the egg, from the tale of a mendacious state pathologist to the ballad of Roy Keane and Alex Ferguson, Peter Goulding explores the idiosyncrasies of life through the medium of humorous verse. Formerly poet in residence on The Creedon Show, his work has also been read – and even sung – on the BBC and has won awards in Ireland and abroad. Now for the first time, he has assembled some of his finest comic poems in one volume…

Peter Goulding has a remarkable ‘ear’. There is music in his rhyming and melody in his words. He seems to pick words for their musicality and he can spot the humour in a word from a hundred paces.” – John Creedon
Over 65 poems. A miserly €10. Not a swear word in sight, though several of the poems might stray into the territory of 'blacck humour.' Post and packing free to anywhere in the known world (P and p extra to the unknown world) All personally signed too...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


You perch on the rafter
Above the loud laughter
Of young girls who visit
The Kowhai Ke-dang.

Tightly-clenched eyes
That channel each colour,
The bright and the duller,
That meet in the iris
With joyous surprise.

The shadows prevail.
A flutter, unbidden,
Half-heard and half-hidden,
Dies in the dark corners
Behind a thick veil.

The foolish ones sprang,
But you sat there biding
Your time in half-hiding.
Restrain my impulsion,
Oh, Kimberu-sang.