Thursday, April 8, 2010

On holidays in Galway 1999

(I was going through my folders of family history files today when I came across this, presumably written during our holiday in Spiddal in 1999!)
With nowhere special left to go,
We drove around to Carraroe.
We didn’t see the waterfalls,
Just rocks and rain and lakes and walls.

Gortumna Island our next stop
To try and find an ice-cream shop.
Instead of ice-cream cones and flakes,
We’d walls and rocks and rain and lakes.

Then we drove on to Rosmuck,
Just, I said, to have a look,
But all we found there once again
Were lakes and walls and rocks and rain.

Exasperated at the wheel,
I headed back to Rossaveal
But all we saw, down round the docks
Were rain and lakes and walls and rocks.


Pauline said...

love the varied repeating last lines

Pauline said...

in fact, I was so impressed I tried a version of my own...