Monday, August 13, 2007

The Class of 79

At our class reunion,
We all swapped anecdotes,
And talked about how we’ve all fared
[I wrote down detailed notes.]

Sue is a solicitor,
She works alongside Will.
When their clients have to pay,
They always send out Bill.

Jack is selling motor parts,
While Sean became a barber,
Sandy is a lifeguard on
The beach beside the harbour.

Jean’s a trouser presser,
While Frank is a T.D.
P.J. does the night shift while
Old Don’s in UCD.

Annette goes out on trawlers
For a week, or maybe more.
Sometimes she runs into Cliff
When she comes back to shore.

Gayle works for the BBC,
[She’s reading out the weather],
While Heather, Rose and Lily
Run a garden shop together.

Bridget works in Egypt,
Where she came across her Niall,
Mike is a comedian
[He always made us smile.]

Ita does reporting for
The Egon Ronay Guide,
And people walk all over Matt,
No matter how he tried.

Poor old Ruth did choke to death,
While scoffing down her lunch.
We laughed a lot when we heard that –
We are a ruthless bunch.

Olive’s in the oil trade,
While Luke examines files,
Wanda roams around the world-
She sees a lot of Myles.

Carol sings occasionally,
While Lisa hires out cars,
Pat still herds his dairy cows,
And Lena’s found in bars.

Pete works long hours in the bog,
While Neil became a priest,
Mona is a critic now,
But sadly Di’s deceased.

Breda has eleven kids,
Flo’s on the water board,
While Faith and Joy and Charity
Are working for the Lord.

Bet works in a bookie shop,
While Marge works in the dairy,
Bob’s a ballet dancer [well,
He always was a fairy.]

Rob and Nick are both in jail,
Though Christian’s a preacher,
Stella’s an astronomer,
And Mark became a teacher.

I didn’t tell them what I did,
In case it made them sick.
I merely smiled when someone asked,
“Well, how’s it going, Dick?”

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