Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Spot of Literary Criticism

T.S.Eliot’s poetry
Is vitally important
To show poems what they ought to be,
And also what they oughtn’t.

“Macavity the Railway Cat”-
His finest poem ever.
I wish that I could write like that,
But then, I’m not that clever.

The rhythm beats prodigiously,
It’s full of perfect rhyming,
Each line scans religiously-
The secret’s in the timing.

“The Four Quartets” is for the birds,
It’s full of double-dutch.
He doesn’t bother rhyming words,
At least, not very much.

It doesn’t go “da-dum-di-dum,”
Nor even “dum-da-di,”
So he can shove it up his bum
You call that poetry?

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