Monday, August 13, 2007

Speech Therapy

I went to the sp-sp-speech therapist,
When my st-st-st-stammer got worse.
She asked loads of qu-qu-qu-questions,
To which I’m a-ver-ver-ver-verse.
I had to f-fill out some forms-
She said that she found it exciting
That though I st-stammered while speaking,
I di-didn’t do it when writing.
She asked if I’d always st-stammered.
I looked at her, head ob-oblique.
“N-n-n-no,” I said, deadpan.
“Just since I st-started to speak.”

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Peter Goulding said...

Two points. All abusive anonymous comments get deleted automatically.
I have had a stammer all my life. Sometimes I can't put two words together. At other times I can speak almost normally. The poem was basically against myself. If other people are offended, I'm sorry. I think the ability to laugh at yourself is a vital part of any impediment.