Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Night of Hallowe'en

Across the moon, black clouds come sweeping,
Tears from heaven gently weeping.
While all mortal folk are sleeping,
Evil stalks the night unseen.
Overhead come witches flying
God’s own natural law defying
Throwing back their heads and crying,
“ ‘Tis the night of Hallowe’en!”

In the graveyard, hands come stealing
Through the hard-packed limestone, feeling,
Groping upwards, then revealing
Anguished skulls with eyes obscene.
Skeletons with bones disjointed
Climb from graves now long- anointed,
Like eerie, bony fingers pointed
At the night of Hallowe’en.

Ghastly ghouls with monstrous faces
Howl across deserted places,
As grim Satan’s rule displaces
What was once a natural scene.
Bats come flapping, swooping, screeching,
Diving downwards, over-reaching,
Like tortured, broken men beseeching,
In the night of Hallowe’en.

Up on high, the scene surveying
With his black cape gently swaying,
Stands the Devil, small smile playing
Round his lips of deathly green.
He summons up his frightful powers
And down on earth his evil showers,
And every soul before him cowers
Upon the night of Hallowe’en.

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