Monday, August 13, 2007

Nice Bit of Weather We’re Having

The rain batters down
On the country and town,
As we gaze out the window and shiver.
In our bright plastic macs,
Sure, it’s hard to relax
When we notice the height of the river.

The North Wind doth blow
With her promise of snow,
And rampages wherever she pleases,
While we bow our head
And redouble our tread
As we battle those cold, savage breezes.

Each long-waited summer
Turns out quite a bummer,
Dismissed in September’s post-mortem,
For the promise of May
Doesn’t meet us halfway
As we leap straight from Springtime to Autumn.

Pervasive, bland drizzle
Ensures we don’t sizzle,
The clouds rush in from the Atlantic,
And the sun’s golden sheen
Only seldom is seen
In depressions from large to gigantic.

The crap Irish weather
Oft bonds us together
The country unites in frustration,
And black, white or brown
We all bicker and frown
At the cold and the precipitation.

We work up a sweat
When its dismal and wet
And we’re still lighting fires in July,
While in hot, sunny places
They’re creaming their faces,
With ne’er an odd cloud in the sky.

But every so often,
The weather gods soften,
With blue skies and warm sun displayed…

Then we moan ‘bout the heat
And our hot, sweaty feet
And can’t wait to get into the shade.

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