Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Great Jahore of Katmandu

The Great Jahore of Katmandu
Eats little else but vindaloo.
He dusts his thimbles on the shelf,
Plays games of chess against himself.
He counts his ears and speaks Chinese
To his beloved chimpanzees.

The Great Jahore likes nothing better
Than wearing his new Aran sweater.
(It goes well with his lederhose
And yellow socks with crimson toes)
He really is a style guru,
The Great Jahore of Katmandu.

He only issues travel permits
To ardent fans of Herman’s Hermits,
He cuts his toenails every day
To keep the evil gods away.
He puts the clippings on his hat
Or on the matted welcome mat.

The Great Jahore of Katmandu
Has placed a tax on wearing blue,
He made his favourite Pekinese
The Minister for Sniffing Cheese.
He paints his teeth with white emulsion
For toothpaste causes him revulsion.

How he bemoans the lack of snow
When ski-ing down Mount Angelo!
He only likes pineapples canned
And ordered all the fresh ones banned.
He papers all his ceilings too,
The Great Jahore of Katmandu.

Some people say that he is mad,
But, then, you should have seen his dad.

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