Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mr. Proverb

He never ran before he walked, he looked before he leapt,
And if he ever spilt some milk, he never ever wept.

He always took good care to look a gift horse in the eye,
And always checked the water long before the well ran dry.

He left the stable door ajar, on seeing the horse departed,
And knew he had to sink or swim and finish what he’d started.

“Pride doth come before a fall,” you’d often hear him muttering,
He carefully eschewed fine words, if parsnips needed buttering.

He lead his horse to water but he couldn’t make him drink,
And always used two pence of tar, in case the ship might sink.

He made a point to eat an apple each and every day.
[He got appendicitis but the doctor kept away.]

When he was making broth, he never used too many cooks,
And covers couldn’t sway his mind if he was judging books.

He tried hard not to spare the rod, in case the child was spoiled,
And stoically resisted watching pots until they’d boiled.

He never had a faint heart, so he won a lady fair,
And saved nine stitches sewing up his worn out underwear.

When he purchased eggs, he bought a basket and a trolley,
And never tried to teach new tricks to his old faithful collie.

He minded all the pennies and so left the pounds alone,
And gathered loads of moss because he was no rolling stone.

He never counted chickens if the shells were still intact –
Some say he was a character,
But I think he was cracked.

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