Sunday, August 19, 2007

Paddy Duff

We’ve had enough of Paddy Duff
Its time he was migrating.
He’s got the sack,
So have him back
Before he thinks of mating.

Poor Louise insisted,”Please,
My room can’t be untidy.
It must be Neil
Or else that seal.
I fixed it all on Friday!”

Now Neil said he was in bed,
And so we couldn’t blame him
He claimed the seal
Was trying real-
-Ly hard to try and frame him.

But Paddy never answered ever,
Defying us with silence.
The cheeky pup
Would not own up,
Although we threatened violence.

So, no more guff, bold Paddy Duff!
You had your chance to parley.
Your fate is sealed
With Rachel Field
Who might feed you to Charlie.

Paddy Duff, I think, was some cuddly toy belonging to Rachel, that got left in our house one time, but I may be wrong!!

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