Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mr. Wippy

Mr. Wippy crashed his van
Just outside “The Glimmerman”
And, as it overturned, it threw
It’s slushy contents out on view.
Broken, fractured orange splits
And lemon crushes smashed to bits.
Funny Feet adorned the ground
And Ninety- Nines were strewn around.

A schoolboy started off the plunder
With a Wibbly Wobbly Wonder
Whilst his best mate cadged a triple
Portion of the raspberry ripple.
Mrs. Gandhi from Soweto
Dived upon a stray Cornetto.
Cowboys from a local fair
Waved their Magnums in the air.
Grannies, grandads stooped to pick
The ice-pops up and have a lick.
Soon everyone had got a fill o’
Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla.

The Gards arrived on motor scooters
To ward off all the ice-cream looters.
In order to protect the load
They placed some cones along the road.

1 comment:

sue said...

i think this is a great poem i used to be mrs whippy for 15 years but fortunately i never spilt my load