Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Effects of Minor Illnesses upon Certain Indigenous Small Mammals

Winifred, a Wexford weasel
Caught a single German measle.
But, as it was only very measly
She recovered from it easily.

Vincent Vole was feeling off,
Because he’d caught the whooping cough.
And, when he hunted every morning,
He gave the tadpoles loads of warning.

Sammy Stoat came down with mumps,
His back broke out in great big lumps.
“Oh God!” he said “I’m now a camel,
Instead of some cute woodland mammal.”

Seamus Seal from Inisheer
Once got a dose of diarrhoea
He said, “I can’t go fishing here,
Because the water isn’t clear.”

Oliver, the Omagh otter,
Felt his forehead getting hotter.
So, fearing it was chicken-pox,
He rushed back home to change his socks.

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