Sunday, August 19, 2007

These Have I Loved

The Damned, the Buzzcocks, the Ramones,
Iggy Pop, the Undertones,
New York Dolls and X-Ray Spex,
The Jam and Generation X,
Eater, Wire and Souxsie Sue,
Subway Sect and Adverts too
Penetration and the Boys
Rezillos and The Stinky Toys
Television, Talking Heads,
Debbie Harry ripped to shreds,
Boomtown Rats and Richard Hell,
Slaughter and the Dogs as well,
The Radiators, SLF,
Tenpole Tudor till I’m deaf
Mick, Paul, Topper and Joe Strummer
Knocked the spots off Donna Summer
David Jansen, Johnny Thunder,
Wiped the smile off Stevie Wonder,
Steve and Paul and Johnny Rotten,
Sid as well, won’t be forgotten.
Though nearly all of them are gone,
The energy still lingers on.

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