Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Flip and Flop

Flip and Flop, the bunny rabbits,
Scrambled through the hedge.
Playfully, they nipped each other
At the field’s edge.

Flip was grey with specks of white,
While Flop was golden brown.
They played together all day long
Until the sun went down.

They frollicked gaily up the mounds
And tumbled down each furrow.
They hadn’t left each other’s side
Since they were in the burrow.

Flip tried to chase a butterfly
That flickered all around him,
And Flop pawed wildly at the flies
That always did surround him.

This happy picture cannot last,
For both of them got shot.
Now Flip is in the freezer
And poor Flop is in the pot.

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