Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Matter of Principal

I was on the board of my old school, when the Principal dropped dead,
And so we had to advertise to get another Head.
Our school is quite notorious, so very few applied,
And when we held the interviews, just three Heads sat outside.

The first of our three applicants was miserable and sour,
Perhaps we caught him in a mood or in his weakest hour,
At any rate, he railed against the system as a whole,
And argued that strong discipline should be the final goal.

The second person that we met just didn’t seem to care.
She didn’t like the coffee-set, she didn’t like my hair.
She told us a head teacher’s life was not a bowl of cherries,
And that she’d nearly had enough of her old school in Skerries.

The third and final candidate appeared a thoughtful man,
His name was Daniel Kelly and I soon became a fan,
He outlined his achievements with a modesty so rare,
It really was no contest so we told him then and there.

We summoned in the national press to tell of our decision,
It wasn’t hard for them to guess ‘twas Dan, the man with vision.
The next day someone opened up a copy of the Sun,
And there in big bold letters –
“Two Heads are Bitter – Dan Won!”

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