Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mad Cow

Buttercup, the Guernsey cow,
Sauntered slowly down the lane.
Deep in thought, she wondered how
She’d ever find her way to Spain.

A hen approached from up ahead,
Before she’d gone a half a mile.
“Is this the way to Spain?” she said.
The hen just gave a nervous smile.

Further on, she met a horse,
“I’m heading off for Spain!” she cried,
“Can you say if I’m on course?”
But the nag passed on the other side.

She hollered, “Where’s the road to Spain?”
To a boxer, chained and muzzled.
“Perhaps I ought to take the train?”
But the dog just raised an eyebrow, puzzled.

“Oh, sheep!” she called, “Can you help please
And kindly tell me as to whether
I’m on course for the Pyrennees?”
But the sheep just trundled off together.

The sun sank lower in the sky
And Buttercup began to shiver.
A lonely tear escaped her eye,
As she stood sadly by a river.

“Oh, what am I to do?” sobbed she,
“I’ve had no help from anywhere.
In Spain they’re free from BSE
And they don’t cull us chickens there.”

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