Monday, August 13, 2007

AA Roadwatch

Just outside the big school gates,
The accident occurred.
A little girl came off her skates,
So local people heard.
A tricycle came trundling by
And sadly failed to stop.
The driver kept his gleaming eye
Upon the ice-cream shop.
Calpol, Calpol, everywhere
Flowed from an upturned pram.
A boy with Marmite in his hair
Then added to the jam.
Local infants playing chase
Were tripped up in a flash,
And soothers strewn about the place
Caused three year olds to crash.
The mayhem was made more complete
When Mister Wippy called.
Several tots fell in the street
And uniformly bawled.
The hopscotch game was smeared with blood,
That like a river flowed.
The Gards in Limerick say you should
Avoid the Childers Road.

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