Thursday, August 2, 2007

Breakfast Roll

In admiration of Pat Shortt
Arm in arm
On her father’s farm
I courted Peggy O’Shea.
Sez she to me,
“Do you fancy a roll in the hay?”
With me arm round her waist,
Well, me poor heart raced,
But I managed to keep control.
Sez I “That’s kind!
Will yer ma not mind
To fix us a breakfast roll?”

We cheered the lads on
Down in Carcassonne,
Then retired to a local bar.
And we saw out the day
On the Beaujolais,
Still chanting ‘ooh la la.’
Next morn, I awoke
And I said with a croak
To the pretty French maid Nicole,
“Ah, me stomach quails
At the sight of them snails,
Could you do me a breakfast roll?”

Down in Tallahassee,
I met a lassie,
And took her back to my motel.
Well, she started to strip
Till she was in the nip,
So I took off me socks as well.
As she climbed on the bed,
An inner voice said,
‘That’s a strange place to have a mole.’
She said “What do you fancy?”
Sez I “Now Nancy,
I could murder a breakfast roll.”

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