Thursday, August 2, 2007

Exodus 16

The children of Israel were moaning,
Which Moses considered quite rude,
Yes, their physique needed toning,
And yes, they were quite short of food.

In Egypt they’d drunk by the tankful,
And gorged on beef burgers and chips,
But you’d think that they might be more thankful,
For escaping the lash of the whips.

But no, they were still bellyaching,
‘Bout the absence of turkey and stuffing.
To Moses it seemed they were making
A terrible fuss about nothing.

So Moses ascended the hilltop,
To the place where the fiery bush burned,
And he said, “Oh my Lord, you are still top
Of the pops, as far as I’m concerned.

But the people have started complaining,
I know it seems desperately rude,
But its years since this desert saw raining,
And by the way, any chance of some food?”

“Complaining?” the Lord said. “How hateful.”
And spat out a globule of phlegm
“How can they be rude and ungrateful?
I’ll soon put some Mannas on them.”

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