Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Fart in the Fridge

The fridge is dark, there’s not a sound.
Soft lies the apple tart.
The almonds all have gone to ground,
Then someone lets a fart.

The yoghurts chortle merrily,
The cheddar cheese is giggling,
The milk is curdling up with glee,
The boiled rice starts wriggling.

The eggs are tittering in the dark,
The laughter keeps on growing.
But slowly then it fades, but hark!
The cheddar keeps on going.

It cannot speak a single word,
The laughter keeps on coming.
The cream is scared it might be heard
Above the fridge’s humming.

It giggles and it giggles more,
There’s no hope of a cure.
“Stop it!” says the cooked meat, “You’re
Supposed to be mature.”

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