Saturday, August 11, 2007

Go Granny Go

Granny, do you think its right
To do that bungee jump tonight?
At least agree to wear a hat,
Your perm won’t perish under that.

Granny, are you sure it’s sane
To parachute out of a plane?
Just promise you won’t get annoyed
If your new shoes get destroyed.

Granny, do not think it’s easy,
Rafting down the great Zambezi.
For, though it really sounds quite neat,
You’d miss your Coronation Street.

Granny, do you think it’s droll
To ski and sledge up to the Pole?
Though if you must, then go ahead
But bring a bonnet for your head.

Granny, I know you know best
But…climbing up Mount Everest?
Though if you hold your handbag tight,
I’m sure that you’ll be quite all right.

Granny, will you stand the pace,
When blasting into Outer Space?
You won’t have time to say goodnight,
While travelling at the speed of light.

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