Friday, August 10, 2007

Hard Centres

I had a chess set made of wood,
I played it with my brother.
But somehow we mislaid a rook
And had to buy another.

So, for a laugh, I bought a set
That promised some reward,
With chocolate pieces, milk and dark,
Upon a chocolate board.

My brother was a bit unsure
As we commenced our game.
He thought that eating all the men
Would be a crying shame.

However, he soon changed his tune
When he procured my knight.
“Strawberry crème,” he smiled as he
Dug into his first bite.

Next I took his bishop and
Proceeded to digest
A luscious fondue caramel
With eagerness and zest.

It was a satisfying game,
Unusual and inventive,
Our minds were concentrated on
The edible incentive.

Then suddenly I took a pawn
And licked my lips with relish.
Then yelled out loud as I bit in –
The pain was only hellish.

The centre was as hard as nails,
It split my tooth asunder.
I really was annoyed at the
Confectionery blunder.

I took the set back to the shop
And threw it down with scorn,
Asking, did they know that they
Were selling hard-core pawn?

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