Thursday, August 2, 2007

In Praise of “The Quiet Man”

To be quite frank,
This film must rank
As Ireland's greatest movie.
No special effects,
Or bare-arsed sex -
It isn't chic or groovy.

No sirens wail,
No corpses trail
Their life-blood thick and gory,
For it is just
A film fan's must -
A rare oul' cracking story.

Big John Wayne's
Come home again
Back home to Connemara,
And ends up bitten,
Hooked and smitten
By fey Maureen O'Hara.

But brother Will
Looks set to kill
And won't allow the courting
Not nasty, but
He means to put
A stop to the cavorting.

Oh sure there's not
A twisted plot,
The dialogue's quite flimsy,
But, for a start,
It lifts the heart,
It isn't merely whimsy.

The simpler ways
Of olden days
Evoke a glowing feeling
Superbly fashioned,
Droll, impassioned,
Visually appealing.

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