Friday, August 10, 2007

An Irish Solution

The Civil Servants had a problem with precipitation,
The inclemency of Dublin weather caused them consternation.
The carpark by their offices was very seldom choked,
But scurrying between them meant they oftentimes got soaked.

A covered passageway between the carpark and the building
Was instantly dismissed as being merely lily-gilding,
As was a suggestion to provide for men with brollies,
[This idea’s proposers being clearly off their trolleys.]

Some people said that brollies should be given out to all,
Though some asked, would they not be a lot better with a shawl?
Or should they get expenses, or perhaps some compensation
For suffering the anguish of routine moisturisation?

The Head of the Department was then called upon to act
With complete impartiality and not a little tact.
Eventually his verdict came with due deliberation-
He’d set up an umbrella group to view the situation.

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