Saturday, August 11, 2007


“Tell me, Mister Ironmonger,
How do you mong iron?”
“You must be on your metal, son,
And never give up tryin’.”

“Tell me, Mister Rumourmonger,
How do you mong rumour?”
“I heard it from a neighbour’s friend,
You must be in the humour.”

“Tell me, Mister Warmonger,
How do you mong war?”
“It’s always been a battle, lad,
I cannot tell you more.”

“Tell me, Mister Fishmonger,
How do you mong fish?”
“You put them in their plaice, my boy,
Exactly as you’d wish.”

“Tell me, Mister Scaremonger,
How do you mong scares?”
“I tell them I will tie their feet
And push them down the stairs.”

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