Sunday, August 5, 2007

Police Found A Body

( i )

Police in Donegal have found
A body in its twenties,
On some barren stony ground
Outside the town of Glenties.
The Chief Inspector said today
The body had been maimed,
But more than that they could not say,
The man had not been named.
Now, please call me a stupid sod,
I know I amn’t blameless,
But how can someone twenty odd
Have gone through childhood nameless?

( ii )

A Garda spokesman said they’d found
A body in a shed.
I suppose that now they’re searching round
For legs and arms and head.

( iii )

He was found with a hatchet lodged deep in his brain,
And his hands bound tightly together.
Police sealed the spot where the body had lain,
Exposed to the wind and the weather.
There were three bullet holes in the back of the head,
His death had been violent and vicious.
With masterful insight, the Chief Garda said,
They were treating the death as suspicious.

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