Monday, August 6, 2007

The Sad Tale of a 13 Year Old Taxi Cab

He came out one morning to get in his cab,
And there on the bonnet, there was a big scab,
He felt it and squeezed it, and to his surprise,
A dollop of pus squirted into his eyes.

He went round the car and was puzzled to find
A whole host of spots on the side and behind,
Some white and some yellow, some bloated and sore,
All over the boot and the passenger door.

His taxi looked dreadful, so all in a panic,
He knocked up his neighbour, a garage mechanic.
The young lad came out with his hands in his pockets,
And a belt full of spanners and wrenches and sockets.

He looked at the cab, full of pimples and bumps,
As though it had suffered a case of the mumps,
He opened the bonnet and fiddled about,
And checked all the bodywork, inside and out.

At last, he stood up and he wiped down his face,
And said, “This is really a puzzling case.
You should buy some spot-cream, and give it a dab,
That’s what folks do when they’ve an old Acne cab.”

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