Thursday, August 2, 2007

School Trip to Athens 2003

The Parthenon still proudly sits atop the famed Acropolis,
No longer at the hub of the Athenian metropolis.
But who’s that bronzed and handsome God, surrounded by a choir?
Is that Apollo, hair a-flame?
Oh no, ‘tis Mr. Dwyer.

At Delphi, view the ruins of the temple built to last,
No oracle to see the future, just the ancient past.
But who’s that philosophic man, garbed in that strange attire?
Is that the famous Socrates?
Oh no, ‘tis Mr. Dwyer.

Olympus beams benignly down upon the Grecian plain,
Where once cavorted mighty gods, disporting joy and pain.
But who’s that lying on a rock, a-strumming ‘pon his lyre?
Hermes musically reborn?
Oh no, ‘tis Mr. Dwyer.

In days of old, the athletes bold assembled at this place,
Competing for great honour in this early human race.
But who’s that sleek-winged messenger, his soles producing fire?
Fleet Mercury, returned to earth?
Oh no, ‘tis Mr. Dwyer.

The weather in the capital could scarcely have been fairer,
The fawning waves lap-lapping ‘pon the far-famed Riviera.
But lo! Emerging from the sea, that object of desire?
Neptune, trident held aloft?
Oh no, ‘tis Mr. Dwyer.

The capital’s awash with cars, the landscape harsh and bleak,
The road names are all grubby, and besides, they’re all in Greek.
But, who’s that God imparting truth and seeking to inspire?
‘Tis Zeus the Mighty come once more?
Oh no, ‘tis Mr. Dwyer.
St Declans School trip

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