Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sorry About This But…Er……

They speak my name around the world with reverence and piety.
To some, I’m Krishna, Yahweh, or more simply, God Almighty.
In many different languages, I’m known by many names,
[There’s a woman in Angmassalik refers to me as “James”]

I used to talk to prophets many, many years ago,
But now I just sit back and let you get on with the show.
More and more, I realise that I am being ignored,
So I’ll share with you a secret to prevent me getting bored.

I hope you’re sitting comfortably, you’ll find this quite sensational,
You see, yourself and everything are just imaginational.
To put it plain, in black and white, you do not have existence,
So, as you do not have a will, don’t offer me resistance.

For I am one gigantic brain, there’s nothing else but me,
Sitting here in solitude for all infinity.
No stars or planets, land or sea, no Carling FA Cup
Sorry for deceiving you, I made the whole thing up.

I feel I should apologise and give an explanation,
But all that I possess is one immense imagination.
I dreamt it up from start to end, alas! it isn’t real –
Anything you say and do and anything you feel.

The Earth itself, the dinosaurs, the tales of Ancient Rome,
Your wife, your Nissan Sunny and that building you call home.
They never were, they’re not there now, nor will they ever be,
So mull on that while drinking up your non-existent tea.

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