Thursday, August 2, 2007

Unseasonal Weather

‘Twas seven o’clock and I threw back the sheet,
The hair was stuck onto my head,
The air of the summer smelled grassy and sweet,
And I gleefully swung out of bed.

I parted the curtains and looked out in awe,
Not one single cloud in the sky,
The sun was already quite smouldering for
The grass on the front lawn was dry.

I pulled on some shorts and I scampered downstairs,
And I poured out a large bowl of cereal,
And I sat on the garden on one of the chairs –
The whole of the day seemed ethereal.

Yes, the sun was empowered at seven o’clock,
And I sipped on a large ice-cream sundae,
And I glanced at my watch and I saw with a shock
It was August Bank Holiday Monday.

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