Friday, August 3, 2007

Bettystown Dilemna

Bettystown beach on a cold summer’s morning,
A legion of clouds have arrived without warning,
And scuppered our notions of stripping right down,
And turning our bodies a deep shade of brown.

And so we decided eventually to
Patrol the Meath coastline, admiring the view,
But should we go southwards or should we go north?
We must make our minds up ‘ere we sally forth.

Southwards is Laytown, of the famous horse race,
A small and untouristy fish and chip place,
To the north there is nothing but shells, sea and sand,
Just acres and acres of pristine white strand.

The wind in our face or the wind at our back?
It doesn’t much matter, it’s really quite slack.
But why this affliction of limitless sloth?
There’s easily plenty of time to do both.

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