Friday, August 10, 2007

Chief Inspector Mulligan Part Deux

Chief Inspector Mulligan
Arrived at last in Crete
And in the Mediterranean
He bathed his size twelve feet.

“Hello, hello, hello,” he said,
When people passed him by,
His helmet quite conspicuous
Beneath the cloudless sky.

In the shallows, people splashed
On rubber boats and lilos,
Chief Inspector Mulligan
Did scratch his rather high nose.

He ran back to his hotel room
And emptied out his case
And put some Factor twenty five
Upon his sunburned face.

He tucked the suitcase ‘neath his arm,
And marched back to the shore,
While all around him, people wondered
What the trunk was for.

He got back to the water’s edge
And very keenly noted
That when he set the suitcase down,
Amazingly it floated.

He pushed the suitcase out to sea
And, leaping on with grace,
Cried to the world, “Beware! The Chief
Inspector’s on the case.”

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