Thursday, August 2, 2007

Concrete Proposal

The President of the United States
Was building an extension.
He sat upon some upturned crates,
And watched with apprehension.

The mixer truck had emptied out
Its load upon the floor,
And then had driven off about
An hour ago or more.

The concrete had begun to set.
The President had thought it
Possible they might forget
To come back soon and sort it.

And so he got a plank of wood,
A bucketful of water,
And stirred the concrete well and good,
As he believed he oughta.

But sadly he forgot the frame
His feet had penetrated.
And very shortly he became
Completely captivated.

He could not move his feet at all,
His ankles were encased.
And so he phoned his minder, Paul,
To come around with haste.

Paul came running at full speed,
The FBI behind him,
The President had not been freed
When they came in to find him.

He wasn’t really hard to spot –
The building’s only resident.
“Oh look,” said Paul. “Do you know what?
This really sets a President.”

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