Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ed is Getting Married

For Edwin Taylor on his forthcoming nuptials

Bold Cupid filed an arrow-head
And looked round for a victim.
Who came strolling up, but Ed,
And Cupid promptly picked him.
Swiftly did the arrow fly
(It wasn’t dodged or parried)
And therein lies the reason why
Young Ed is getting married.

By the apoplex’ of love
Was Edwin truly stricken.
It came though with a velvet glove,
For Ed was no spring chicken.
His hair (like time) is running out,
For years now he has tarried,
And no-one has the slightest doubt
It’s time that Ed got married.

He walks round, as if in a dream,
Immune to life’s anxieties.
His eyes possess that certain gleam
That hints at improprieties.
His brow is lately wrinkle-free,
His face no longer harried,
Exuding purest ecstasy
Because he’s getting married.

Some engaged men mope around,
And go to rack and ruin,
But Ed is like a cow that’s found
A field of grass to chew in.
The motion reads that he should wed.
The motion has been carried.
Unanimous we are that Ed
Should finally get married.

Honeymoons can oft bring strife,
And sometimes end in failure,
But what a way to start a life,
By visiting Australia!
Stranded men have coarsely cursed
That countryside so arid,
But love will quench their raging thirst,
As love will see them married.

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