Saturday, August 11, 2007

Homage to the Best Place Name in Ireland

I’m a Termonfeckin farmer, I have Termonfeckin land,
All my cows are marked with my own Termonfeckin brand,
But I was feeling lonely in my Termonfeckin life,
So into town I went and found a Termonfeckin wife.

Our Termonfeckin marriage, though, was full of spite and rancour,
And very soon I lost her to a Termonfeckin banker.
The Termonfeckin dinner dance evolved into a farce,
When I turned around and kicked him up his Termonfeckin arse.

The Termonfeckin bar-steward then jumped across the bar,
And threw me out the door against my Termonfeckin car.
My Termonfeckin wife, she took my farm and cows as well,
And left me sad and lonely in my Termonfeckin hell.

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