Saturday, August 11, 2007

Speech On The Opening of a Lidl Store Next Door To An Existing One

I’d like to thank the Lidl men for their kind invitation,
To play a small yet vital part in this great celebration.
The staff who put in so much work – we thank them for their labours,
[We’re full of admiration for our Oriental neighbours.]
Some people might have questioned the wisdom of locating
Another Lidl store next door to one they’re not vacating.
Competition is the key, ask any cash-starved mother,
It’s great to have two Lidl stores competing ‘gainst each other.
And so I wish this new store well, I’m sure of its success,
And in a few years time, there might well be a third I guess.
And then we’ll have to call this store the “Lidl in the Middle”,
But up until that time, it will be just “Lidl by Lidl”.

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