Monday, August 6, 2007

Just a Little Drip

Just a little drip [not the plumber but the tap –
In fact, big Jim O’Regan was a large and forceful chap]
But even he was powerless against each mighty drop
Of water that dripped from the tap and quite refused to stop.

He first replaced the washer, but that wasn’t any use,
And then he took the tap apart to see was something loose,
Bit by bit, he took apart the u-bend and each joint,
But every alteration made was doomed to disappoint.

So Jim put all the piping back with such a fierce scowl,
He threw his hat at that whole job and then threw in the towel.
Embarrassed, he tore up the bill, refusing to endorse it,
The lady tried to pay him, but she didn’t want to faucet.

Poor Jim O’Regan was washed out, he never worked again,
A little drip had driven him hysterically insane.
His missus’ friends all gathered round and said it was a bummer
That one small drop of water had brought down a mighty plumber.

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