Monday, August 13, 2007

Keep the Lid On

If you do not put the lid upon the teapot,
Surprisingly, the tea will not stay hot.
Of this, there is no doubt,
The laws of science bear this out,
For all the heat escapes out of the pot.

And if there is no lagging in your attic,
The heat will all escape out of the roof.
To turn the boiler way up high
Will merely serve to heat the sky –
A physicist will offer ample proof.

Those fortunate enough to own a coupé,
Never leave the top down when it’s freezing,
For the wintry weather numbs
Feet and nose and ears and thumbs,
While the roof maintains a temperature that’s pleasing.

So use a little logic in cold weather,
When ice has frozen up your welcome mat,
For the remedy is clear
When it’s Baltic over here,
Go out and buy yourself a woollly hat.

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