Saturday, August 11, 2007

Thirsty Work

Two brothers, parched, lips all cracked,
Water was the thing they lacked,
Crawling o’er the burning sand
In uncharted desert land.
Eventually, their wand’rings led
To a dried –up river bed.
Distressed to find out that nobody
Else was present at the wadi,
They kept on crawling on their knees
Towards a mirage of some trees,
But what they found there, almost dead,
Was one more dried-up river bed.
But still they bravely persevered
Although their own destruction neared.
Lungs a-burning, fit to burst,
Mouths all caked up from the thirst.
Cobwebs in their minds were spun,
Underneath the cruel sun.
As vultures circled overhead,
Lo! A dried-up river bed!
The younger one, now almost gone,
Whispered “Dave, I can’t go on.
We’re just going, dearest brother,
From one ex-stream to another.”

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