Saturday, August 11, 2007

Two Dolphins

Two dolphins swimming in the ocean,
Arching with a graceful motion.
One then called out to her mate,
“I need the toilet, please don’t wait.
I’ll see you down beyond the bight.”
And then she dived down out of sight.
The other dolphin didn’t hear
[He had some water in his ear]
And so he hung around because
He thought she’d come back where he was.

Evening fell and then came night.
The dolphin down beyond the bight
Came swimming up to find her friend
Still waiting at the harbour’s end.
There then began a fearful row.
One got called a stupid cow.
The other came back twice as strong
And so it went on all night long.

Two haddocks bravely swam between
And tried their best to intervene,
But only found their feeble voices
Arguing at cross porpoises.

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