Thursday, August 2, 2007


When travelling abroad to those hot, sunny climes
With girlfriend or mother or daughter,
Drink cocktails dressed up with sweet mango and limes,
But also drink plenty of water.

The heat is oppressive, the beer looks so cold,
You’re gagging for gallons of porter,
Sup up, but remember what you have been told –
You should also drink buckets of water.

Your blood in hot countries gets sticky and think,
And blocks up each valve and aorta.
Diluting it slowly might well do the trick,
So start gulping those bottles of water.

They use it for washing the sand off the seats,
They use it for mixing their mortar,
They use it for clearing the dust off the streets –
Oh drink to the uses of water!

The headaches get worse as your fluid gets low,
Your breath is decidedly shorter.
Your brain closes down, your reactions are slow,
If you don’t drink enough bottled water.

I’m not a big fan of the wine, red or white,
Nor am I a vodka supporter.
Liqueurs and champagne always fail to excite
But I’m totally mad about water.

The holiday rep shouts it out very loud,
You hear it from every quarter.
Enjoy your two weeks, mind your stuff in the crowd
And drink gallons and gallons of water.

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