Thursday, August 2, 2007

A Glaring Omission

To the editors of the BAX Global magazine

One fine springtime morning
As daylight was dawning,
I stumbled half-yawning
Into our canteen.
So time was not squandered,
My itchy hand wandered,
And idly I pondered
The BAX magazine.

There were fiscal intentions,
Reports from conventions,
And verbal dissensions
From orthodox views.
There were interesting features
By pupils and preachers
With plenty to teach us,
And more to amuse.

But though I searched frantically,
And somewhat pedantically,
A void loomed gigantically,
And cast a large pall.
For with all given deference
To American preference,
There was no single reference
To Ireland at all.

Now, we don’t waste electricity
On courting publicity
With a scheming duplicity –
That isn’t our style.
We just work conscientiously,
Quite unpretentiously,
Never contentiously
Upon this green isle.

But although we’re far distant,
And not loud or insistent,
Are we now non-existent,
Not thought of too much?
Do we not merit plaudits
For our internal audits?
Would the mag not record it’s
Recognition of such?

Though it’s far from a platitude,
This questioning attitude,
Do not think it ingratitude
To be mentioning this,
But please show some contrition
For your glaring omission,
Just a small recognition
Would not go amiss.

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